But where is the fox?

Hello there and thank you for dropping by!

I am Anja, owner and maker behind soleyandthefox.

Inspiration for my artwork comes from all I love most: my two wonderfully cheeky children (and their dad) and in no particular order: nature, light and colour, the sea and all its creatures, rainy days, sunny days, snowy mountains, autumn leaves, long walks and lazy days on the playground, foraging for blackberries, travelling, stories and fairytales, my little garden, knitted things and making stuff (if someone could teach me how to knit, that would be great), long train journeys and and and…

My favourite tools are my A4 sketchbook, pencil, watercolours and pen, all of which travel with me almost everywhere, mixed with my own photography and thoughts I have along the way. And the fox of course!

So please enjoy browsing and have a great day!